The Good Shit

Every time I review a product, I will finish by asking (and answering) “is this the good shit?”

That’s not a very objective question, and it bears some explanation.

What is “the good shit”?

Good: It improves the quality of your life through its use. It’s good to use, and maybe even good to be seen using. This will be a positive force in your life.

Shit: Let’s face it, you’re never going to see me review a $200 pen on this site. We’re dealing with pens that are typically under $10, and always within the boundaries of Rule 25. Using the vulgar descriptor of shit here is not at all about the quality of the product, but rather the price range. We’re buying the cheapest of the cheap products, looking for the impossible values.

Ergo, the good shit is going to be an impossibly inexpensive value product that will be a positive force for good in your life.